DSW Replica Chair

eames_inspired eames_inspired eames_inspired

Big success and breakthrough material

The shape of this chair comes from legendary Fibreglass Chair which was created by Charles and Ray Eames. After it’s announcing in Eames Plastic Side Chair collection the chair immediately became a hit. It was the first chair in history which was made of plastic. The chair gets many awards and it is bestseller in the world of design until now.

High level of comfort

Anatomical shape, long and big seat, flexible and high quality plastic, which is damage resistant. All this features are the reason why is sitting on this chair such a high quality experience. Ordinary sitting at the table never been so pleasant.

Icon of design

Elegant and modern style of the chair has its origin in the fifties of the twentieth century and yet still looks timelessly. Elegant plastic seat is placed on the four lacquered maple wood legs which are connected by black lacquered steel rods.

Design is inspired by original design of Charles and Ray Eames.

Colours: white, other on demand

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